Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Jinsei-MMO Prologue chapters

As I mentioned in the first post, I'm doing Jinsei-MMO - prologue chapters are here.

Raws for those interested are here.

Feel free to let me know what you think, request mirrors for dead links, or whatever.

What this blog is for -

This is a blog to collate whatever I'll translate from here onwards, currently only "I got stuck in real life, so it's okay to get addicted to an MMO, right?" (Jinsei-MMO), a web-manga by Muu-Muu, or Muu X2. I'm grateful to Boon for the name, and referring me to it in the first place.

I guess I just wanted to scanlate so that more people could enjoy manga the way I did when I read them through first time. I'll also try to improve quality over time, bear with the typesetting and such while I figure that stuff out.

As a general mission statement:
I don't have a problem with my scans being edited or posted anywhere.
I don't watermark or credits page, and while it's less of an issue for web-manga, I would abide by any legitimate takedown requests.