Sunday, 15 January 2017

UPDATE -Tetsu is (not) dead-


Vilim Lendvaj15 January 2017 at 01:44
No need to hurry with the translation, but some kind of short update would be much appreciated, just so we know you didn't die or something in the past 2 months.

Well, er, yeah. Sorry.

The TL was done in early December, then I did most of the editing... then before Christmas I passed it on to someone else to finish the editing and QC, and I'm just waiting on that.

If it's any consolation, the second job I'm working involves contacting Japanese artists to give them a chance to release their work in the US and abroad.
Unfortunate consequence being that from now on I'll be working with anything between 3~10 artists at a time, translating and writing long email chains about contracts and shit like that.
It hasn't left me with much motivation to scanlate, even if the work remaining on Rezu ch5 was only 8-10 hours or so.

Umm... I just want to ask... It's seems that "The Private Report" manga got some kind of sequel... Are you going to translate it as well?

No, but I am going to buy it - you should too.

Is there a donation link somewhere so I can help you with covering bills if it means you'll have more time to translate? I'd personally be willing to if you picked up jinsei mmo for translations again.
Nah, sorry

Anyway, that's the update, sorry it's not a new chapter \m/

Happy new year,

Friday, 11 November 2016

UPDATE: Rezu and PSA

I'm still getting more traffic than usual here, and I assume it's all about Rezu.

Yes, I know it's been licensed.
Yes, I'm still going to finish it.
I'll be working on it tonight for a few hours, but don't expect anything soon.

Again, Tetsu-scans is just one guy, who's also now working two jobs for some reason ^^

PSA: Please read Tokkaten.

In the meantime I guess you came here for manga.

You should read Tokkaten.

It's a brilliant collection of one-shots spanning the career of 'I Am a Hero' and 'Boys on the Run' author Hanazawa Kengo.
I worked on it through 2015, and for some reason nobody cared about it back then, but I really think it's worth your time.


Friday, 9 September 2016

UPDATE on Gun-ota / Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro


Quick update on two series, sorry it isn't good news.

FIRST - yes the lesbian thing is almost done, gimme a few days.

I finished scripts on Gun-ota Ch.13 last week, and decided to quit translating the series.
There really isn't anywhere the story could go at this point which would keep me interested and engaged - I could list a litany of problems here, but it's more simple that that - I don't look forward to translating it any more.

I'm happy people have enjoyed the series and I'd stay on as QC if another translator is found to continue the project with Let it Go Scans.

So Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro was sniped a week or so ago by another group while our Ch.05 was in editing.
I talked to Kusugu, and figured it wasn't worth continuing in competition with another group, who seem already busy working on Ch.06, so the project's dropped for the time being.


I don't like to blog so I haven't mentioned it here before, but the two scanlators I aspire to the most are Boon and Hox, and how efficiently and skillfully they've been able to handle projects alone.

I noticed Hox named himself after something he studied in college, and after taking three years of analytic philosophy I chose Tetsu after 哲学 (philosophy) and 徹夜 (to stay up all night working on something).

I know at present I'm not really prolific or skilled at what I do, but I think the more I've learned about how I work, the less I'm inclined to work within groups.

Again, apologies to those who might be disappointed - thanks for following Chio-chan and Gun-ota thus far and hopefully look forward to more in the future from different scanlators.